A Reflection on My Poetry/Writing

I wrote and published a poem on here the other day because I came across a poetry competition online and felt compelled to see how quickly I could write. I enjoy challenging myself intellectually from time to time.

The submission deadline was today, but I missed it because I was out with my family.

Initially I felt a pang of disappointment and guilt for missing the deadline, like I had met myself down after working on the poem. In truth though, I knew that the poem itself wasn’t good enough. On reflection, I think I was just seeking the instant gratification that submitting the poem would have provided.

I enjoy writing poetry, partly because it is quite short and I can devise it quite quickly. But quick doesn’t equate to good, right? Creative writing can’t fulfil its potential on instinct alone?

I read an article/interview recently that described a poet as being someone who lives and breathes poetry – reading and writing it all day long. By this definition, I am not a poet, or even a writer. To be a writer, I must hone my craft; to behold my pen as a violinist beholds their bow and engage it just as much.

Ultimately, if I really want to improve my writing – of any kind, not just my poetry – then I am going to have to put the time in and practise, practise, practise.

So, many more posts to follow then I guess?

Poetry: Hello, my shadow

Hello, my shadow, I see you’ve returned,

lurking in corners, awaiting the night.

Frustrating escape from darkness once spurned;

watching for flickers of hope’s dimming light.

Hiding inside, out of sight from the rest,

for down in the depths is where you belong.

To blacken the soul is what you do best –

deafening my ears to life’s joyful song.

But wait! Remember we’ve been here before.

Your lies less pervasive this time, than last.

I’ll cast you out in three months, maybe more;

shunning the sad silhouette that you cast.

You are my midnight; the darkness in me,

but morning, not night, holds my destiny.