A Brief History of Mine

I suppose before I start detailing the minutiae of my (probably) rather tedious existence, I should provide some degree of history to explain how I got here and why I am boring you with such things.

However, I will try to keep this entry relevant and concise to avoid it sounding like a meandering diary entry. Let’s say, five main points?

  1. My Background. I always enjoyed writing as a child, but never gave myself the opportunity to do it for a living. That said, I have undertaken a little bit of freelance work writing content for a website, but I don’t know if I’m actually any good at it.
  2. My Perspective. I feel that I have a reasonable amount of life experience, in addition to qualifications in both Psychology and Geosciences, so my posts are likely to be analytical and open-minded, but with a focus facts where appropriate.
  3. My Brain. So, full disclosure – I have mental health issues. Not exactly surprising in this day and age or even in this internet community, but I felt I should mention it as it may shed some light on how my worldview and perspectives on particular situations have been formed. On the whole though, I consider that I represent my persona as a functional member of society.
  4. My Family. Despite my best efforts to live an unconventional lifestyle (more on that later), I find myself in an accidental ‘nuclear family’ situation. After my last pregnancy we used shared parental leave so that my partner could be the primary carer and I could return to work, but this time I am attempting to do the stay-at-home mummy thing. It’s going great, right? A few months in and I’m already looking for distractions.
  5. My Job. I started my job in June 2017, six weeks after giving birth – which, in the UK at least, is crazy early to be returning to work. The nature of the job meant that I had little support or training and I realise now that I was already showing symptoms of postnatal depression, including those that affected my ability to carry out my role. After a matter of weeks I was feeling like a failure both at work and at home. This set a bad precedent in terms of how my performance was viewed at work. That difficult start has haunted every meeting with my manager since. After working hard to recoup lost ground I have come to realise that I will never meet her unrealistic expectations. This is why I have to find another way of making a living.

So, there you have it. A quick run down of why I’m attempting to set up a blog. If you’ve read to the bottom, how about giving me a ‘like’ so I know someone is out there?

A piece, of sorts.

I sit here cautiously savouring the relative calm of mid-evening; both of my young children are asleep in bed (for now) and after pondering what I am going to write here all day, I finally have the time to actually do it. Yet, I am still making this up as I go along.

Please bear with me.

What you have stumbled across here is essentially an ill-formed idea, a maybe/hopefully side-project that may possibly lead to an improvement in my situation or, perhaps, to nothing.

What do I hope this will be?

  1. Quite simply, the first of many posts.
  2. A place for me, where I may stretch my creative muscles again (without interruption from little ones) and hopefully work towards building a portfolio of marketable work.
  3. An escape route. After many years of working in corporate or office settings, I have come to realise that no matter how much I try to fit in, I am just not suited for the associated politics. I am currently on maternity leave and to be in a position where I do not have to rush straight back into work when it ends would be heaven.

So, hello… I am Rach, an aspiring freelance writer.